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Friday, January 24, 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions On Electronic Giving

Q1. What is the Automated Giving Program? 
It is an automated means to financially support the parish through weekly or monthly contributions from your checking, savings, or credit card account. There is NO cost to participate in the program. 

Q2. What are the Benefits in using Electronic Giving? 
-Eliminates the need to write recurring checks each week! 
-There are no additional costs to you! 
-You immediately receive an emailed tax receipt for your donation. 
-Promotes regular giving, even when you are away from the parish on vacation or work trips. 
-You can earn benefits and points by using credit cards (i.e. sky miles, rewards).
-Eliminates the need for paper envelopes and physical handling of them before attending Mass! 
-You can designate how you want your donation to be used (Sunday offerings, Holy days, flowers, etc.). 

Q3. Which payment methods are accepted? 
Automated transfers (also known as EFT or Electronic Funds Transfer) from your checking, savings accounts or major credit cards such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard may be used to make monthly contributions, one-time gifts and pledge payments.   

Q4. How does it relate to the use of my weekly envelopes? 
If you choose to participate in the Automated Giving Program it replaces the use of weekly envelopes.   

Q5. How do I enroll? 
Enrollment is easy and free. You can enroll by clicking on the Donate Button to the right. This will set up your account and enable you to make a contribution on a secured website directly to St. Philip The Apostle Church. The process is quick and it takes less than two minutes. You can also enroll by calling the Parish EFT Administrator at 513-899-3601.  

Q6. Can I contribute to second collections including both parish and diocesan collections? 
Yes, all automated giving participants have the opportunity to contribute to second and special collections at the parish, including Christmas and Easter.   

Q7. How does a parishioner change information, such as the amount of the donation, bank account number or mailing address? 
You will have a logon so that you can manage your own account.

Q8. Do parishioners receive receipts for tax purposes? 
Yes, each time you make a contribution you receive an emailed receipt of your contribution. This receipt can be used for tax reporting purposes. You will also receive a year-end statement from St. Philip if you call the office.   

Q9. Can I donate a one-time gift or pledge for a specific term? 
Yes, one-time gifts are graciously accepted. Participants can also arrange for a specific amount to be paid over a number of months.

Electronic Giving Minimize

Thank you for contributing to St. Philip the Apostle Parish!

Effective November 15 online stewardship should be set up through the Donate button for Vanco Payment Processing.  

If you are a current online user, a link to our previous processor, WeShare, is provided below. St. Philip is phasing out WeShare in favor of Vanco.

Please move your donations to Vanco for January 1st foward. 

If you have any questions please contact Susan in the Parish Office at 513-899-3601.

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