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Friday, January 24, 2020
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Support Ministries



Bereavement Committee
Bereavement Ministers make contact with the family and offer sympathy
of the parish and assist the family in the planning and preparation for the
funeral liturgy.  Time commitment is as needed.
Contact: Parish Office (513) 899-3601 

Flower Committee & Gardening Angels
This ministry works to create a church environment that supports prayerful
worship.  They prepare the church decor and environmental accents for the
season of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.  They also set up flowers,
plants and decorations for special occasions.  Flair for art and design helpful.

The Gardening Angels Ministry is a seasonal outside ministry.  They help
maintain the flowerbeds throughout the growing season.  A green thumb is
Contact: Parish Office (513) 899-3601

Helping Hands Ministry
Helping Hands is a God-centered ministry to serve in the following ways
to those in need throughout our parish and in the community.  Meals
delivered to homes during times of illness or post-delivery of a new baby.
Time Commitment is as needed.
Contact: Kathy Baxter (937) 783-2275

Ministry of Care

Extraordinary Ministers visit, pray and take the Eucharist to members of
the community who are unable to attend Mass. The ministry serves those
in nursing homes and the homebound.  Time Commitment is weekly or monthly.
A mentor minister will accompany new ministers until they feel comfortable on
their own.
Contact: Parish Office (513) 899-3601

Prayer Line
The Prayer Line volunteers pray for individuals in need. Each volunteer contacts
the next person on the “prayer line phone chain”. To join the list or to request prayers
for anyone:
Contact: Mary Ellen Yagel (513) 683-9065 for the phone chain, or
              Shirley Swarts for the e-mail prayer line at saswarts12@gamail.com.



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